Помогите написать сочинение МОЙ ДРУГ (Ж Р) или предложения употребив несколько слов из списка (1или2можно3) : подводить кого-либо поддерживать кого - либо быть эгоистичным немножко дружба обсуждать что бы не случилось (На английском языке )


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First of all I want to tell you that my friend's name is Irina and she is 17. Her height is nearly 159 cm. But she'd like to be a bit taller. Well, she is not slim but she is not fat either.  Irina has a round face as everyone has, a bit long nose and big cheerful grey eyes. Her skin is a bit pale but she likes this fact, she doesn't like ruddy faces. She has no freckles as my friend Nina has. Her forehead is open. I think Irina has a charming smile.  Her hair isn't very short but it's not long either. It is straight and black. Iuina has rich hair. I think that she looks like her father.