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Shop-assistant: What can I do for you?
You: I would like to buy something for my little sister.

Shop-assistant: Well, how old is she?

 You: Tomorrow she will be 4.
Shop-assistant: Really? What about this pretty doll?

You: Oh, no! There are ten or fifteen dolls in our flat. They are everywhere: on the sofa, on the chair, on the computer...
hop-assistant: Sorry, it's awful. Well, what about this drum?

You: Oh, no! It's so noisy!

Shop-assistant: Let me see. Oh, look! A teddy-bear.

You: Never! She has seven or nine taddy-bears.

Shop-assistant: Well, I don't know...May be puzzles?

You: Yes! Wonderful! Two ... No! Three! How much do they cost? Shop-assistant: Three dollars.
You: Here you are.

Shop-assistant: Well,  your change...

You: Thank you.

Shop-assistant: You are welcome!