Помогите пожалуйста до понедельника, СРОЧНО нужно!!! Подготовить 6 тем на английском: 1. О себе (12 пр.) 2. Я помогаю по дому(12 пр.) 3. Мой дом (12 пр.). 4. Как я провела каникулы (12 пр. (любые каникулы) ). 5. Мой город (12 пр.).

1. Меня зовут Даша. 2. В доме есть собака. 3.Дом частный, двухкомнатный. 4. Была на всех каникулах у бабушки. 5. Живу в городе Харькове! (это всё типо инструкции=) )


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1. О себе (12 пр.)

My name is Dasha.I live in Kharkov! I have got a dog. We are always together .MY house private, one-bedroom apartment. On all holidays, I live with my grandmother. I love my grandmother.


3. Мой дом (12 пр.)

My house is in the сity centre in a residential area.It isbeautiful ,but was bought long time ago.The house has 3 bedrooms,a hall,a kitchen,2bathrooms and a toilet.There  is a large sofa,a coffee table,a large table,chairs,a TV and many paintings in the hall.My room is small.It includes a large bed,side tables,a desk,a chair,a lamp and a wardrobe.There is also a bathroom in my room.Other 2rooms belong to children.My house includes a kitchen with a balcony.It is nice and bright.

 4. Как я провела каникулы (12 пр. (любые каникулы) ).

Last month I want on my holiday to  Italy with my friend.We went by boat  and car.We were there for three weeks and we stayed in youth hostels.We had a very good time.We lay on the beach, sunbathed and read books.We went to the beach almost every day.We visited a lot of historical places.The weather was great and the food was fantastic.