Плиз народ срочно нужно сочинение ао английскому на тему ПЛЮСЫ И МИНУСЫ СПОРТА


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It should start from the bottom. Sport is known to develop muscles, makes a person more resistant, resilient, as well as beautiful. And if we talk about the lofty goals? And then you can find the pros. Too many people are approved itself by receiving awards in the sport, as well as due to the increased level of professionalism.

So, what we have. Sport strengthens the body perfectly, helps improve the immune system, as well as self-esteem. So why not start to strengthen your body is already starting tomorrow morning? Of course, many headed laziness. Because of this quality, we sometimes can not even raise himself to work, not to mention the fact that to go work out.

But it is worth noting a fact. Many athletes, now known around the world, before, before a stellar career, were obese and lazy, but because of the sport, came in the form determined in life. Thus, sports can be attributed to that class of activities that bring benefits to one hundred percent human.



Some of my friends think it/s important to do sports regulary, while others would rather watch a sporting events on TV. Nowadays people have to work more and they prefer to rest more actively. it's important to be in good shape and to stay healthy and attractive.

To my mind , physical exercises are essential for everyone. if you want to be strong physically and mentally, you can go to a fitness club.

However , a lot of people say they have niether timr nor opportunity to go in for sports.What is more , they feel too tired after a hard day's work. That's why all they can do in the evening is to watch sporting events on TV.

To conclude , if you want to be slim and strong, you must leave your comfortable armchair and exercise. it is not enough to watch other people doing sports. Only regular exercises will help you make your life longer and healthier.