и сделайте правильный перевод вместо точек вставьте слова. и напишите нужное 1).....is London?In England. 2) Where are you.....to go on holiday. 3)......is this?It's a helmet. 4)....is that?It's my friend Pam. 5)Name THREE things to take on a camping holiday. 6)Name FIVE countries. 7).....is the match?At 8 o'clock. 8)Sing the 'Say hello to sunshine!'song! 9)Name FOUR things to take on an island holiday.


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Where is London? In England.

Where are you going to go on holiday.

What is this? It's a helmet.

Who is that? It's my freind Pam.

Name three things to take with you on a camping holiday.

Name five coutries.

When is the match? At eight o'clock.

Sing the "Say hello to sunshine" song.

Name four things to take with you on an island holiday.