Помогите пожалуйста написать письмо, если что мое хобби это фотографировать, ну как-нибудь, прошууу


Ответы и объяснения

I would like to tell you about my hobby. It is photographing.
I have been interesting in Art since my childhood, but the best inspiration for my photos is nature. I love green hills and forests, amazing flovers and beautiful trees so much! 
My parents adore my hobby and often help me with some problems with it: they give me money for photos, take me to the wild nature so I can photograph.
In my opinion, Art makes any person kinder and friendlier. My friends support me, so, I am not alone.
To be honest, for me there is nothing better than to reconsider once captured images and relive those wonderful moments. Art helps me to show myself to other people and often it helps me to relax. I am interested in photographing so much!
In my free time I enjoy of experiments with some photoscenes with my friends. Classmates (especially - girls) often ask me to photo them. It is very good fot me - I can have a good practise.
To conclusion, I should say that in the futere I would like to become famous photographer.
О, карточка появилась... Две минутки, кое-что подбавлю.
Теперь все :) Надеюсь, помогла)
спасибо) ОГРОМНОЕ:)