Вы на каникулах в Ирландии .Напиши открытку другу . плииииз помогите написать )) НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ)

Hey, Bill! I've never been to Ireland but now I'm here. I have a lot of fun here with my friends, we have been walking through Dublin all day long. By the way, Dublin is the capital of Ireland and it's incredibly beautiful! the architecture is great and we've a lot of things to see.
I enjoy being here and I don't want to leave it, but I know, soon I have to do it because the holidays are ending and the school is waiting for me. but I'm not really looking forward to studies. Oh, whatever... I hope, you're having fun too!
я немного написала, но тут много непростой лексики и сложноподчиненных предложений, так что все ок

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А в формате письма ГИА писать? Сколько слов минимум и максимум надо?
не обязательно , просто дз нужно написать открытку ))))ну немного где то предложений 10. + -