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1)Do you like travelling ? With whom do yp usually travel ?
Do you always go far from the place where you live? Are your trips long or short ?
2) DO You bring souvenirs to your family and friends from your trips? What souvenirs do you like to buy?
3)Where would you like to go - to the north or to the south of Russia?
4) Do you always travel in summer?Do you sometimes travel in winter? Where do you go in winter
5) What places would you like to visit in our country and abroud?


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1)Yes,I do.I like to travel with my mother and my father. Yes,I do.My trips are long.
3)I would like to go to the south of Russia.
4)No,I don't.Yes,I do.I go to egypt and other.
Что ты любишшь посетить в своей стране?
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