Нужно составить не менее 10 предложений на английском языке.What foreign language would you advise your younger sister or brother to start learning? Why?


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I have a good advice for u(brother or sister).U should start learning English.it is very popular language and one's easy.Also this language is helpful for your future.If u want to get a high education u should learn that.Also I would like to tell u that,u can fun with English.For example u can have a lot of pen-friends,watch English films and listen to music.When u will bra abroad u can speak English there.So,to my mind,English is the best language for u.
В перед последнем предложении что означает слово BRA ?
"will be" опечатка
I would advise my sister or my brother all the languages I know. That's because my siblings and we have the same birth mother. I can not say I love they but I will not leave they are poor. I've also jealous when my mother yelled at me just because they cry do demand toys but now I will give my all to my knowledge
начало подавало надежды ,а потом взялись не понятные истории семьи .