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Forest - multifunctional resource . He is one of the main elements of the ecological system . He performs climate-regulating value , hygiene and recreational value .Forests as ecological systems , are interesting and important in many ways. First, it is one of the few terrestrial ecosystems preserved in a natural or slightly altered human condition; secondly, it is the largest ecosystem on Earth, which are characterized by high productivity and which accumulates most of the organic matter of the planet in the form of wood , detritus , humus , and then used by mankind for their own consumption and to restore endangered in the course of its business activities components of the biosphere .Forests - orderlies atmosphere : they hold a huge amount of dust. The role of forest ecosystems in the water cycle . Winter forest detain a lot of snow melting in the spring which is slow ( as opposed to public places). Soil is well saturated with moisture, replenish groundwater supplies . Forest plants evaporate a lot of water , so in the summer in the forest air is cool and wet, which is favorable for humidification mode . No wonder the forest is a favorite destination for people.