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Надо написать сочинение об одном герое из книг на английском языке


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My character I chose is gonna novel of Green "Scarlet Sails". Gonna - romantic story the main character, and closed a beautiful girl who lives with her father, only trust him and lived a dream that gave her a storyteller. Arthur Gray - freedom-loving people, the leader in nature, respecting the opinions of others, educated and intelligent, and walking purposefully toward their goals. All these qualities made him a celebrity person. Longren - gonna father, her mentor in life, loving father. In it he tried to show a sample of how to be a father. In the story "Scarlet Sails" Alexander Green to express moods, feelings and sentiments of spiritual heroes often uses nature.
I think that Green would first like to say to the reader that at any time of his life to live in the world of reality and dreams.

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