Помогите пожалуйста ответить на вопросы по английскому языку. Кто на какие сможет ответить, пожалуйста

1) What people did the First Fleet bring to
Australia in 1788? There were 780 of them.
2) These people are climbing one of Sydney’s most
popular landmarks which local residents call “the coathanger”. What is it?
Which Australian city suffered in the World War
II from bombing and later was practically destroyed by a hurricane?
Be careful! This Australian animal looks very
cute but has sharp teeth, a bad temper and a scary name. It lives on the
Australian island-state.
What province will you go to if you want to see
the capital of Canada, the biggest Canadian city and a famous waterfall?
6) During the World War I the British Royal House
changed its German-sounding name to what
English name? They still have it today.
7) The place in Devonshire where the dramatic
events of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel about a huge fearsome dog happened.
8) Where does the most famous New Year celebration
take place in London? Big crowds gather there to welcome the New Year.
9) He came to New Zealand in 1642 and gave the
country its present name. Zeeland
means “Sea Land” in his native language.
10) There are lots and lots of these animals in New Zealand. For every person living in the
country there are twenty of them.
11) Whom was New Zealand’s highest mountain named
12) What European country ruled the original 13
American colonies?
13) What document issued by Abraham Lincoln on
January 1, 1863 freed the slaves?
14) What American holiday honours the birthdays of
two great Americans in February?
15) What symbol of freedom was a gift from the
people of France to the people of America?
16) What Native American taught the Pilgrims where
to fish and how to plant corn?
17) In 1752, during a thunderstorm over
Philadelphia, who flew a kite to prove that lightning is electricity?
18) Who lives and works at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue
in Washington, DC?
19) The picture shows Gutzon Borglum carving the
first model of the monument which later became one of the most popular tourist
attractions in the USA. What is the name
of the monument?
20) Residents of what American state are the first
to see the sunrise every day?


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1)Arthur Fillip
The harbour bridge
Tasmanian Devil
House of Windsor
8)Trafalgar square
Пока все.