Ответы и объяснения

1. My sister told me, that I should lock the door when I leave the house.
2. She asked Rober, if he had recieved a telegram from his mom.
3. Mabel said, that nothing would change her decision and she should leave for Capetown tonight.
4. Old woman said to her nephew, that he shouldn't smoke in the room.
5. Girl said, that she was shivering with cold.
6. Boy said, that he wanted to go to sit in armchair.
7. The secreterian said me, that delegation have arrived in St. Petersburg yestarday.
8. She said me, that I should open the window.
9. He said, that he should light a fire a make himself a breakfast.
10. Woman said to her little doughter, that she shouldn't run to the door when she see a bell.
11. She asked me, how long I was going to stay here.
12. Mary asked me, would I spend my hoolidays in Moscow.
( Насчет согласования времен не до конца уверен )