Экзотические животные диалог один мужчина хочет его купить другой отговаривает)Помогите составить диалог ?


Ответы и объяснения

Если у вас такое же задание, то там можно выбрать несколько разных участников, вот так например:

A: Hello, i'm journalist of local news paper. You known as businessman and owner of a tiger . How did you become a lover of those unusual creatures?
B: Since I was a little and I've seen a tiger in local zoo i've always wanted one. 
A: Don't you worry about it might kill you, because tigers are carnivores and captivity is a constant stress which may make them aggressive?
B: I don't really afraid if that. I was preparing for having a tiger very closely. I found a good vet with special knowledge and training in wild life. Also it was well trained ever since it was little.
A: A lot of people get injured because of wrong treatment with exotic pets. What advice would you give to people who want keep one of those pets?
B: It's important that your condition match to an animal you want to keep. Also you should work hard to train them, because they may become unpredictable as they get older.
A: So you disagree with opinion that only domesticated animals, which were coexisting with humans for thousands of years might be a good pets?
B: I believe that any animal might be a good pet if owner being very caring and pay attention to his pet.
A: Thank you, goodbye.
B: Goodbye.