Помогите мне написать сочинение на тему:''Сказочный город'' только по Английски Пожалуйста это срочно это сочинение нужно на завтра


Ответы и объяснения


Winter - the cold and harsh time of year.

Go out into the street in the winter and look at the landscape, from which the eye does not tear. Trees in the snow, not the land of towering high snowdrifts, which you look and you rejoice. "What a beautiful time of year!" - Happy children and adults, obkidyvaya each other with snowballs. In the winter you can walk outside and enjoy the fresh air. "What a winter?" - Many of you have asked. No one can answer this question, but most of it happy.

This year, winter is not so harsh, and frosts are not that strong, but it is still winter, and it makes itself felt. One morning I woke up, looked out the window and gasped! It seemed that on the glass flourished some fabulous, magical flowers. The glasses were all in an incredibly beautiful designs. I began to consider carefully the patterns and did not notice how dreaming and fell into the icy tale. The patterns on the windows were like twigs fir, decorated with huge diamonds. Sometimes these diamonds are transformed into rubies. In one window, a trail that had been laid between the huge, silver firs. The branches of fir trees are huge and fluffy. Needles on the branches of silver and crystal, powdered with snow. The path led me to the fantastic edge of the forest, which gathered a lot of animals. That fox tail fluffed up and wrapped it around the neck that was not cold. Leverets brag to each other carrots, are holding in their paws. Hedgehog treats the inhabitants of the forest with crystal apples. Around Christmas trees in snow-white dress jumping the youngest residents of the forest. At the other window was a white birch, prinakrytaya snow like silver. On its furry twigs were fantastic silver bird. It seemed to me that I can hear them crystal voice. The sun shimmered on this pattern of green, blue, red lights, like stars in the sky burned. The patterns on the windows as if magic were painted by the artist. But I knew that this was the work of frost.

Enjoy the beauty of his work I had long: the sun came out, and its rays warmed the window. Suddenly the fairy paintings, sparkling branches turned into streams of droplets, like tears. The sun's rays have destroyed all the charm and beauty of frost on the window.