Помогите пожайлуста!!!очень срочно!!!ЭССЕ "Visiting museums is an educational thing?" заранее огромнейшее спасибо))


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There are childrens museums all over the country. You don’t need to hire movers and move to a location where one is accessible. A lot of the time, people tend to think of children’s museums only as a fun outing for children. While it is true that children’s museums are quite a bit of fun for children and adults, these museums provide an educational value as well. Not only for older children, these museums provide learning and fun for younger children as well. According to the Association of Children’s Museums, eighty-one percent of children’s museums have an early childhood learning space for toddlers and infants. There are several educational benefits to visiting a children’s museum. Often,the children do not think of these things a chance to learn, they tend to think of them as play.– A children’s museum often has areas that are designed for dramatic play. These areas might include house replicas where children can play house, a stage where children can act out a fun play, or a pretend store where children have the opportunity to play that they are buying groceries. All of these activities are fun games for children to play as well as a teaching opportunity. Children of all ages enjoy dramatic play.– Almost all of the children’s museums have an arts and crafts area. This is important because it gives the children the chance to express themselves through art in ways they may not have access too otherwise. They might have the opportunity to draw, paint, sculpt, or even participate in a wall mural. There has even been some museums that let children paint using giant balls thrown at walls that were covered in paper. Where else would a child have the opportunity to do that at?Read more in Earth Sciences« FloodingEarthquake of 7.1 Degrees Off The Vanuatu Islands »– The environment issue has not been left untouched in children’s museums. Twelve percent of children’s museums that are members of the Association of Children’s Museums are green buildings. In addiction to having green buildings, these museums are more likely to outdoor exhibits. Thirty-five perfect of ACM museums have a garden for children to play in as well.There are more than thirty million children and families visiting children’s museums annually. It is not a surprise why parents and teachers choose to take the children to these museums. They provide a rich, educationally stimulating environment for children to learn. At the same time, these museums provide children with a lot of fun. There are more than three hundred Association of Children’s Museums. These are located around the world, in rural and urban areas. No matter where a child lives or travels to, a children’s museum is likely right around the corner. Providing an educational value as well as a fun outing, children’s museums have always been a popular field trip choice for teachers.These children’s museums are educational and fun on their own or they can be combined with a classroom lesson. There are many different ways to be creative with a field trip to a children’s museum. Visit one yourself, and you will find out why parents, teachers, and children all love to visit a children’s museum.