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нужно составить сообщение о короле Лире на английском языке


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Venue - Britain .
Duration - " legendary attributable to the IX century BC. e ."
The plot is based on the legendary story of King Lear ( King of Britain ), who in his later years decides to retire and divide his kingdom among his three daughters . To determine the size of their parts he asks each of them to say how much she loves him . Two older daughters use this chance , and the youngest - Cordelia - refuses to flatter , saying that her love above it. The enraged father disowns and banishes the youngest daughter of Earl of Kent , who was trying to stand up for Cordelia. Lear divides the kingdom between the older and middle daughters.
However, soon after the terrible reception accorded to him older daughters , Lear realizes how hypocritical they were prudent with their ostentatious " love." Tensions daughters to King aggravates the political situation in the kingdom, which is about ready to disappear.
In Shakespeare's story is interwoven with additional earl of Gloucester and his bastard son Edmund , unwilling to put up with their situation . Edmund stipulates the legitimate son of Gloucester - Edgar , who manages to escape from violence .
Two daughters kicked King Lear , who loyal jester out into the steppe. Soon they are joined by Kent and Gloucester. Gloucester son Edgar , who was wanted by pretending crazy and also joins Lear . Two daughters want to grab and kill his father . Bastard son of Gloucester - Edmund wants to catch his father and put him to death , to stand in his place. They catch of Gloucester and the Duke of Cornwall , spurred daughter Lyra - Reganoy pulling out his eyes , but soon leaves the Gloucester them unrecognized son Edgar , who still continues to impersonate another . Goneril sends his servant to Oswald blinded Gloucester , that he killed that . But accompanying his father Edgar kills Oswald in battle .
Cordelia learned all leads French troops to war against sisters. Coming battle . Cordelia soldiers fighting soldiers Regan and Goneril . But her and Lyra taken captive and imprisoned . Edmund bribes officer that he had killed the prisoners Lear and Cordelia , depicting suicide. Duke of Albany displays Edmund clean water , opening his misdeeds , and Edgar in a duel wins brother. Edmund dying before death wants to do good - to disrupt his plan to murder Lear and Cordelia . But do not have time to save Cordelia - she was strangled. Both her sisters, Goneril and Regan die : Goneril poisoned Regan , Goneril commits suicide , zakalyvaya itself. Lear is released from prison , holding the hands strangled body of Cordelia , and dies of grief . Edmund dying too . Edgar talks about his father's death of Gloucester, which blew all misfortunes .
Earl of Kent, devotedly loved King also would die , but the Duke of Albany Kent strengthens and restores all the rights and leaves beside him .