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Use the verbs in a right form (Past Perfect or P.S.)
1. Julia (to give) me the scarf that she (to buy) yesterday.
2. Kevin (to show) his mother the composition which he (to write) yesterday.
3.Josh (not to leave) home by 8 o’clock.
4.Yesterday I (to find) the ring that I (to lose) last week.
5. Inna (to tell) me that she (to attend) an imposing play.
6. When Billy (to wake up) yesterday his parents already (to go) to work.
7. When Mary (to come) home, her granny already (to cook) dinner.
8. Millie (to think) that she (to lose) her purse.


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1)gave,had bought
2)showed,had written
3)hadn't left
4)found,had lost
5)told,had attended
6)woke up,had gone
7)came,had cooked
8)thought,had lost