Помогите срочно плиз скажу спасибо 5 балов
Если не правильно заберут у вас все балы!

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1. I live in the town. 
2. I live in the flat. 
3. I live in the three-room apartment. 
4. In my room near a window there is a computer table, behind it, near a wall, there is a bed and a case.
5. In kitchen about a window on the right side the refrigerator, on the left side a kitchen case settles down. Near an entrance on kitchen there is a plate and a sink. On among the room the small table and four chairs settles down. 
6. My flat very spacious and comfortable.
7. Opposite to our house pretty small parking. Behind the house the big yard fenced with a fence settles down. Big and beautiful trees grow in the yard. 
8. Unfortunately, near ours the house there is no park and the wood, but there is a big and beautiful yard!