Помогите написать эссе на тему "Computers have greatly improved our quality of life" (220 слов максимум, но можно и меньше) Заранее огромное спасибо! =)


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Nowadays, computers have made our lives simpler and more entertaining. However, the misuse of them can be dangerous to the society.

On the positive side, they are good tools for jobs. Due to they have different applications for use them as complements in our professions. In addition to this. Using the internet we can communicate each other and access to information faster. Another advantage is that almost the whole world has access to them.

On the negative side, we have to much access to negative information where children can watch forbidden videos. Besides this, there are hackers who use information, damaging big companies and sometimes normal people. Another disadvantage is that people spend too much time in front of computer screens. Wich can contract too many sicknesses, stress, muscular pains, fatigue, visual illnesses, etc. Furthermore, they don’t develop the affective and social side.

Finally, computers have been a great progress for this time, but we have to know how and when use them properly.