Помогите придумать рассказ о любимом мультфильме Диснея, 4 класс. Заранее спасибо!

рассказ на английском языке
сколько предложений?
а какой твой любимый мультфильм

Ответы и объяснения

I love large number of multimedia projectors Disney, but one cartoon will remain in my memory for a long time. It Is Snow White. Cartoon though 72 years, but still, he is very good. The plot is that the poor girl he met in the forest house. Decided to get out there and fell asleep. And in the house where she had cleaned the place lived gnomes. They were seven. Well, then I will not tell. I guess you all watched this movie and you will not be interesting. What movie do you like?
My favourite hero is Cinderella.
My favorite cartoon is "Cinderella".I love this cartoon because it contains a wise idea and poutinienne love this beautiful,colorful movies,and I am very grateful to disney for a wonderful Multilingua character disney Cinderella, created on motives of a fairy tale by Charles Perrault, Cinderella. Cinderella - Princess of the fictional French Kingdom. Was a Princess, she married Prince. Was born in an ordinary family. When her mother died, her father married another woman, Lady Truman. She has two half sisters - Drizella and Anastasia. Patient and gentle girl. Origin frantuzeasca is also the second official Disney Princess, and one of the most senior of them (together with Tienou): 18-19 . I really love Cinderella and the cartoon in which it participates.