Помогите составить сообщение на тему Интернет как средство массовой информации (Не менее 12 предложений на английском, перевода не надо)


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Today it is no one in doubt that the electronic digital technology in conjunction with the Internet (and next-generation technology networks) determine the future of communications. Naturally, the traditional providers of information products, starting with companies that produce dictionaries and encyclopedias, and ending with the mass media do not want to accept the fact that their time has passed, and doing everything they can to catch up. 
From the perspective of the dynamics of the market for information products on digital media and on-line, certainly deserves attention the fact most of the transition encyclopedic dictionaries in electronic format. 
According to many experts, we are witnessing the demise of traditional media, or what was meant by this notion for most of the twentieth century. The only thing that is not entirely clear - this is when the funeral will take place and what is their scope. However, it is known that the Internet as we know it today is the first interactive media. 
What is fundamentally new characteristics of the user making the Internet the information space? 
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