Напишите один рассказ про морское животное , на 1-2 строчки (описание) , благодарю заранее!)

Ребят , пишите на английском (1-2 строчки)

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Common Dolphin[edit | change the source code]
The common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis L.) has from 100 to 200 (their number is not constant) small, tapered, slightly bent inside teeth, separated equal intervals; the muzzle is of moderate length separated by a furrow from slightly convex forehead. The upper side of the body and the fins are grayish - green or black; the belly is white; the skin is very smooth and shiny. Reaches 2 m in length, the height of the dorsal fin 80 cm; pectoral fins 15-18 cm wide, 55-60 cm long. Is found in all seas in the Northern hemisphere, at the shores, and in the sea; comes and the river. Keep flocks of 10, 100 and more (up to several thousand head).