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Аquatic mammal of the family Delphinidae, the only modern representative of the kind of killer whales. Killer whales - the largest carnivorous dolphins, different from other dolphins contrast black-and-white color. For orcas typical sexual dimorphism: males reach a length of 9-10 m with a mass up to 7.5 m, females - 7 m with a mass of up to 4 T. In addition, the dorsal fin of males is high (1.5 m) and almost straight and females - about half and bent.
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Killer whales as well as other toothed whales dolphins have outstanding intellectual abilities; some scientists believe they have the beginnings of mind. For example, in a district of the southern coast of Australia a pack of killer whales regularly for many years helped local whalers. They drove the flock of baleen whales in shallow water, where they waited for people with harpoons. The end of such cooperation was always the same - people are meat, and baleen, whales - the rest.