Помогите. надо составить советы, что делать, чтобы быть стройным на английском


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Count caloriesOne of the main conditions for losing weight - calories should be less than consumed. Today everyone can calculate the norm for your body and continue to eat within it. Minimum quantity for normal functioning of the body is 1200 kcal.Control the amount of fat, protein and carbohydratesWhat to do to lose weight is to watch what you eat. For example, carbohydrates can be simple or complex. If you want to lose weight, your diet should be only complex carbohydrates. As for the fat to figure useful to use unsaturated fats.Not forget about physical activitythe best advice on what to do to lose weight is to exercise and eat right. Only this tandem will help to achieve good results in weight loss. Many trainers recommend a day to start charging, which should last only 10 minutes Need 3 days a week to dedicate a couple of hours enhanced training. Perfect for weight loss is the cardio training, dancing, fitness, gym, etc.need to Eat correctly,it is important to eat regularly, and small portions. Because of this the body will constantly work, and thus to burn calories. It is also important to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, no snacking on the go or in front of the TV. In this situation, you will eat something superfluous calories.be Sure drink waterSave water balance is an important prerequisite to lose weight. The daily rate is about 2 l If for half an hour before the main meal, drink a glass of water, you will eat much less, because the stomach is filled in the brain receives a signal that you are already full.Many women interested in what to do to lost weight belly? To resolve this issue fit all the above recommendations, plus SPA procedures, for example, wraps. Only you have to understand that to get rid of fat in one particular place is impossible, loses weight immediately whole body.