Как празнуют люди 9 мая в Украине по англизкому скажите плиз....


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Ukrainians, according to the Deputy Ilyenko, did not want to fight for Stalin.Member from "Freedom to Andrei Ilyenko stated that in case of his arrival political forces to power will be abolished celebration of May 9."We do not believe the 9th of May holiday, because after this date Ukrainians continued in the ranks of the UPA to fight for independence. And the power that defeated in 1945, Germany, continued genocide of the Ukrainians. I'm not saying that it would be good if Hitler had won. But they with Stalin in moral and political terms are on the same level," he said in an interview with the daily star, and added that the holiday of May 9, has no right to life."Historical the truth will eventually triumph. Maybe not immediately, but over time. For me, the 9th of may is the day of memory in the first place. Day of memory of the tens of millions of people, among whom there were a lot of Ukrainians who became victims of this crazy grinder... Ukrainians just happened to be cannon fodder. What should we celebrate? For us the Second world war ended in 1991," says the Deputy-nationalist.