Срочно надо диалог, про школу на англиском.(минимум 16 предложений)


Ответы и объяснения

- Hi, Jane! Haven’t seen you for ages!
- Hello, John! I’m so glad to meet you! You see, we moved to a new flat last month so now I go to another school.
- Oh, I see. And how is new school? Do you like it?
- Yes, very much. It’s situated right behind our house. It’s newly built three-stored building with large classrooms and wide windows. The classrooms are light with comfortable desks and chairs.
- And what about the gym?
- There are even two gyms – a big one for the senior pupils and a small one for juniors. They have all the necessary sport equipment. There we can play basketball, volleyball and football. And also there is a stadium near the school.
- That’s great, Jane! Does your new school have a computer class?
- Oh, yes! With a modern computer for every pupil. I’m looking forward to studying Informatics!
- Have you already made friends with somebody from your new class?
- No, I still don’t have close friends there, but there are some classmates whom I often talk to and go for a walk after school.
- Is it hard to study there? Is there much homework to do?