Помогите пожалуйста!!!!!выписать все глаголы в прошедшем времени (отдельно правильные и неправильные с переводом) Walter and Mary were two of the ravens. They lived at the Tower of London, in England. They enjoyed life there , but some days were difficult. Mary and Walter loved to sit on the wall and watch people. They often laughed at some of the silly things they did. They ravens didn’t like it when people stared at them , made faces at them ,or sometimes took photos of them. They didn’t mind the photos too much , but when the camera got too close to their beaks - they got angry. That day , some of the tourists got very close to the ravens . One man’s camera nearly touched Mary’s beak. Then a large group of children came by. One little girl put her face very close to Walter’s beak. He wanted to bite the girl. Mary uderstood Walter’s wish. "Don’t!" she said. After all the tourists and children went home , Walter said to Mary , "l’ve had it ! L’ve had it ! I want to leave the Tower and find another place to live." Mary answered , " Walter , we can’t leave the Tower . We can’t fly , remember . They clipped our wings so we couldn’t fly away. . I heard a Beefeater say once that as long as there were ravens at the Tower of London, then England would stay a great country. If we leave the Tower , then what will happen to England?" I don’t care anymore. Do you know what a little boy did to me today? He pulled a feather out of my tail. That hurt! I’m tired of this place and of all the people," Walter sighed.Just then, Anne and William, two of the other ravens that lived at the Tower, came by. "What’s the matter with Walter?" Anne asked. He is tired of the tourists. He wants to leave the Tower," Mary told her. "But Walter , I also had a bad day. A man with a camera stuck it so close to me that it chipped a piece off my beak , " William said. " Well , if we’re all so unhappy here , why don’t we leave ? We’ll find a better place to live than here " , Walter said. The other ravens agreed. That night they made a plan of how to escape from the Tower of London.


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Правильные: lived, enjoyed, loved, laughed, started, touched, wanted, answered, chlipped, pulled, sighed, asked, tired, agreed.
Неправильные: were, made, took, came, put, understood, said, went, heard, told, had, stuck, 
Перевод: неправильные-были, сделал, взял, прошел, положил, сказал, пошел, слышал, сказал, были, застрял
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