это учебник такой?первый раз слышу о таком
да вот такой есть
текст ко 2 заданию кинь
ок напиши юнит и лессон с номером заданий
помоги к 3 картинке юнит 9

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this week on our now and then page, we are looking at canary wharf in london. this area is now completely different to what it was like twenty years ago.In the past people couldnt do a lot of different things and can only dream about things that now lies on our tables.V XIX century London has become one of the largest cities the world and the capital of the British imperii.If even in the past these people can move only through horses, ships to sail the seas, now they can move through modern cars, ships, trains, aeroplanes.In conclusion i would like to say that over time everything is changing, as are people with their culture ...  как-то так сама дополнишь...