Образец: Sergey is riding a bike.(fly a kite)-He isn't riding a bike.He is flying a kite. 1.Nikita is flying a kite.(jump). 2. Masha and Olya are playing a game.(talk). 3.Slava and Artyom are playing basketball.(play soccer).4.Fedya is making a sandcastle.(climb a tree). 5 Vanya is driving a car.(play basketball).6.Vova is painting a picture.(ride a bike).7.Natasha and Lyuda are talking. (drink Coke). Заранее спасибо


Ответы и объяснения

1.He isn't flying a kite. He is jumping.
2.They aren't playing a game. They are talking.
3.They aren't playing basketball. They are playing soccer.
4.He isn't making a sandcastle. He is climbing a tree.
5.He isn't driving a car. He is playing basketball.
6.He isn't painting a picture. He is riding a bike.
7.They aren't talking. They are drinking Coke.