Нужно написать свою сказку на английском языке(Желательно с известным названием)то есть золушка,красавица и чудовище,но с другим сюжетом)Очень срочно!


Ответы и объяснения

I wrote his tale. It's called Cinderella. This story is unusual. Once a rich girl, hired a housekeeper in his house. He was in France. But the housekeeper had lived in Russia. She went to France. Rich girl named Jenny, and poor housekeeper named Ellie. Ellie once saw on plasma TV advertising: Looking for a girl to go to the magic country to work as a saleswoman magic beans. Al!if they were glad, and when collected things, Jenny began to yell at her: Oh, truly! You don't like it here? So pack your bearings, and go wherever you want! Ellie left. Thought will be missed, but this desire is gone. Ellie came. On the way she met a nice guy. His name was Robert. They fell in love from the first sight. Then they got married. And Jenn to always stayed in his house in France alone