Вставте предлоги
1. He spent a lot____ time translating the article.
2.The young mother takes care____ her baby.
3.Will they stay______ their partners' families?

4.Linda is responsible _____ the cultrual programme.
5. Could I change my Russia money ___ American dollar?
6.Westminster Abbey was founded _____ St Peter.

7.The town is rich_____ parks and museum/

8.Are you tired ______ the work?

9.The society fights_______ endangeredanmals.

10.Are you going to get rid _____ these old things?
11.Will you take the rubbish ____, please?

12.Her niece is fond_____ horse racing.

13.My parents went to the country_____ car.

14.The palace is famous _____ its history

Комментарий удален
He spent a lot OF time translating the article (нужно вставлять разные предлоги in, of, from, fo и другие)

Ответы и объяснения

1 of
2 of
3 with
4 for
5 for
6 by
7 with
8 at
9 against 
10 of
11 out
12 of
13 by
14 for