Use the worlds to write questions,then answer with just. your room? A.Have you tidied your room?
B.Yes,I have just tidied it.
b.Ann/speak to the teacher? A.______________________?
B.Yes,__________________to him.
c.Bob/have a cup of tes? A.______________________________?
d.You/do your homework? A._____________________________?
B.Yes,_________________________it. Angela? A.___________________________________?
f.Mary/send a telegram. A.________________________________?
g.Diana/visit her cousin in the USA? A._________________________?
Люди очень нужно!Помогите...Или скиньте сайт с этим ответом...
Это WorkBook (5 класс;Молдова;Игнатюк,Аладин,Фока,Пую,Мунтеану)

Помогите!!!Очень нужно на сегодняшний день!

Ответы и объяснения

Has Ann spoken to the teacher?   -Yes, Ann has just spoken to him.
Has Bob had a cup of tes?   -Yes, he has just had one.
Have you done your h\w?   -Yes, I have just done it.
Have you met Angela?   -Yes, I have just met her.
Has Mary sent a telegram?   -Yes, she has just sent it.
Has Diana visited her cousin in the USA?   -Yes, she has just visited her.