Did you friend to go London last summer?
Did you read about the Tower
of London when you were nine?
Did you breakfast at 10 o'clock or at nine o clock?
Did you meet interesting people left ear?
Did you play with your friends or Sunday or on Monday?
Did you think about your school last summer?
Did you go to your Granny's house by bus or by train last summer?

Нужно ответить на вопросы пожалуйста ответьте с объяснениями срочно надо неуспела сделать а завтра спрашивать будут Помогите?


Ответы и объяснения

No i didn't read
My breakfast at 9 o'clock
Yes, of course
No, I didn't play
Yes, I thought
Yes, I went to my Granny's house by bus