Помогите пожалуйста Срочно написать проект по английскому языку на тему : "великие люди нашей страны"
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In Russia very much known for great people.
So for example, you can announce Alexander Sergeevich Pushkinian Pushkin is immeasurably great. There is no such person who would not know it. it, as if in the lexicon, was all the wealth, power and flexibility of our language.
Pushkin could not be more national and and easy-to inostrantseva all great poets, he is always on the level of its reader: it grows, becomes sullen, terrible, tragic; his verse roars like the sea as a forest worried of the storm, but at the same time it is clear, bright, sverkos longs for pleasure, mental unrest.
The sense of beauty he developed to the highest degree, as none. The brighter the inspiration, the more must be hard work for its implementation. We read Pushkin poems smooth, simple, and we think that he did so, and turned it into a form. And we do not see how he did work for it to come out as simply and smoothly...
Pushkin finishing works similar to sea horizons: reaching them, again you see before me the endless space, limited only imaginary feature...