ну а какой у тебя любимый?
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а какой объем? я напишу, ты толко скажи для какого класса чтоб хоть уровень языка знать

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My favourite film is Russian film called “Elki”. It’s a bright New Year comedy, which consists of two parts: “Elki-1” and “Elki-2”. The first movie appeared a year ago and the second one appeared on screens this year. I liked both films because they were excellent. The title “Elki” translated into English means fir-trees. Traditionally, all Russian families decorate fir-trees on the New Year’s Eve. The biggest fir-tree is put up in Moscow on Red Square. The film shows how families in different cities of the country get ready for the New Year celebration. Some people even get into troublesome but funny situations. There are lots of characters in the movie who find love and friendship. I liked this film very much because there were many kind and positive moments. There were also some of my favourite actors, such as Ivan Urgant, Sergey Svetlakov, Gosha Kutsenko and others. If you haven’t seen this film yet, I recommend it.

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Старалась на сколько могла писать на уровне пятого класса. Но не уверена что получилось :) There are many movies I have seen and it is so hard to decide which one is my favorite. But I think 'Harry Potter and sorcerer’so stone’ is the one that is on top of the list. When I first saw this film I was really young. And from that moment I have watched it countless of times. This film tells the story of a boy whose parents were killed. Harry Potter lives under the stairs with a cruel family, treated bad by his aunt and uncle, but still there is something different about him, he can talk to snakes and make things appear and disappear. He gets a letter from school named Hogwarts. And finds out that he is a wizard. Harry goes to a magical school, where he learns the truth about his life, finds true home and meets two friends Ron and Hermione and they discover the power of the sorcerer's stone and what might happen if it's put into the wrong hands. This movie has an amazing atmosphere. Like you really can feel a magic around you. The story is fantastic, you can stop watching it and always want to know what will happen in next movie. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, maybe even the best. I think everyone should see it.