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-Hello Ed!Are you in a hurry?
-Well I"M busy a bit.
-It"s my model ship.
-I"m going to sail it.You see I have made it myself.
-Great! I didn"t know you are so good with hands.It looks like a real ship.
-It"s a copy of real ship.
-My father helped me to make it.It"s our hobby to make model ships.
-I have had this hobby for three years but my father has been fond of it since his childhood.
-Oh yes it's very hard to do.You have to be very careful with every detail of the ship you have to chose the perfect material and colours for painting it.
-May I help you sailing thos ship?
-Sure let's go!


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What is it?
What are you going to do with it?
Who helped you to make it?
How long have you had this hobby?
Is it hard to make model ships?