Найдите и переделайте в passive vois 5 предложений из этого текста ( №3 ).


Ответы и объяснения


"Birth of a Nation" is remembered by people as one of the most famous Hollywood silent films.

It was first shown in 1915 and it took nearly three hours.


He was loved by public.

Coloured films was enjoyed by big audiences soon.

This legendary film is still  shown in cinemas and on television all over the world.


1. "The Birth of A Nation" was first showed in 1915.

2. It was seen by a lot of people who had never been inside a cinema before

3. A few words and six songs were  said and sung in the film "the jazz singer" in 1927 by Al Jolson

4.He was loved by public.

5. A  new camera which could make colour films for the cinemas was introduCed in 1932

6. Colour films were enjoyed by big audiences

7. "Gone with the Wind" was first showed (seen) in 1939.

8. Eight Oskars were won by that film.

9. Special effects are used in cinema