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Amelia Bedelia looked in all the stores. She came to a dress shop.It had a HELP WANTED sign in the window.Amelia Bedelia went into the store. What kind of help wanted ?she asked Sewing help said the lady .Can you sew? Yes said Amelia Bedelia I am very handy with a needle. Then come with me said the lady. She took Amelia Bedelia into a back room. Please shorten these dresses.They are already marked said the lady. All right said Amelia Bedelia .The lady left her. I don't need to sew to do this said Amelia Bedelia.She took the scissirs and shortened those dresses. Amelia Bedelia went back to the front of the store. I'm finished she said.What is next? Finished !Said the lady.How could you be? The lady went into the back room.She saw the dress. Oh no!she said You have ruined them. But i just shortened them said Amelia Bedelia. Oh go away said the lady i don't want yoy.So Amelia Bedelia went. Some folks she said .I just don't understand them.