Пожалуйста помогите нужно сочленение про праздник в велеко-бретании на английском


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The second day of the Nativity in the Church calendar is dedicated to Saint Stephen. Traditionally on this day in churches opened the boxes of donations, and their contents were distributed to the poor. Earlier in the day the servants were allowed to go home for a holiday dinner with the family. In essence, the holiday is incremental weekend after Christmas.

In the middle ages in rural England in the day of St. Stephen's Cathedral were taken blood a pet. Believed that this tool works well on animal health and saves power during heavy work. Previously, some old people in this day let ourselves blood to maintain health for the whole year. Up to the end of the nineteenth century in some areas of Wales in that day men big ligaments prickly Holly whipped bare arms and legs of women - until, until you appear blood. In Montgomeryshire same chords Holly hit someone on this day rose last.
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