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I study in a very nice and large class of English. In class a lot of plants. On the windowsill blooming rose. On wooden shelves, stand of the book which deals with the first classes teacher very kind and understanding person. If he will make us a note, we understand what this delou us very beautiful school, but the study of English in our school, one of the most beautiful rooms. When I come to this lesson, I rejoice that this lesson is in this class. We like it very much. I hope all of our school like it...
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My class is very big and comfortable. It has got a lot of chairs and about fifteen desks to sit for thirty people. It is bright and sunny cause of the two big windows which are situated at the left side of the class. At the first desk, where I sit, beside it is the teacher's table with a lot of copy books on it and a computer. On the wall there is our black board, where we do the tasks on the lesson. In the bottom of the class there are a lot of shelves where the student's books situated and a wardrobe where teacher can put her clothes. Near it there are some plants in the pot which help us with the oxygen to think clearly. At the recreations we often draw at the board, talk with each other or playing computer games in the hall.
I like my class, and I don't want another...