Пожалуйста, напишите текст о моем люимом актере (в данном случае о Джонни Деппе) плиз)) там должно быть немного биографии, как становился актером, самые известные роли и в каких фильмах и почему он мне нравится (там мара игры или что-нибудь такое) и не очень сложно) на уровне 7 класса


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Открой сайт, введи его имя по английски и выбирай предложения из статей, займет минут 10
да спасибо за подсказку сама не догадаюсь(( в вики это все слишком сложно, надо сокращать редактировать и все такое.. а на осталных сайтах ничего полезного нет
любое интервью, скажешь что делала со словарем
Full name: John Cristopher Depp II (John Christopher Depp II)
Place of birth: Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
Date of birth: June 9, 1963
Height: 5'11" ( 177 cm )
Nationality: blood johnny flows the blood of the Cherokee Indian, Irish, and Germans
Occupation: actor, Director and musician
Marital status: divorced, he was married to Lori Anne Allison, civil marriage with a French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis
Children: Lily Rose Melody Depp (Lilly Rose Melody Depp)
John Jack Christopher Depp III (John Christopher Jack Depp
John Jack Christopher Depp III (John Christopher Jack Depp III)
Both from Vanessa Paradis
Has 2 sisters and brother
Appearance Depp, his look and manner to behave impressed agent, and he immediately sent him on trial in the film, which became a milestone in the genre of horror movies. In the next sex symbol received its first small role in the film of Wace Craven "a Nightmare on elm street" /Nightmare on Elm Street/. Johnny came, hoping, at best, on the episode, and unexpectedly received a major role. We can say that he was lucky? Director Wes Craven, who have chosen one of the key roles of the unknown guy without acting experience, believes that lucky not to johnny, and he's the Director. "Unlike pretty boys who sent me the agents, johnny was real, " recalls later Craven. - It was felt patina of time, his time - 80-ies. He smoked incessantly, his fingers was yellow from nicotine. This young fellow was felt old soul. I decided to teenage daughter and her friends. All samples girls chose "darling johnny". They shouted that it is "the thing" - and in large doses!" Up to this point, johnny never stood in front of the camera. However, on the first day of filming he was so calm and relaxed, so naturally spoke their lines, so clearly entered a role that Craven decided, agent, warning him about the inexperience of the guy with whom it has confused.check the correctness of his choice on
спасибо конечно, только скопировать из интернета я и сама могу
я переводила сразу на английский просто в журнале его биография была всё делала сама и сама переводила!))))))))))))))))))
просто как-то все слишком по-научному) мне бы попроще чуть-чуть