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1. My elder sister asked me to lock the door when I left the house.
2. She asked Robert if he had received a telegram from his wife.
3. Mabel said nothing would change her decision and she would leave for Cape Town that night.
4. The old woman asked her nephew not to smoke in the room.
5. The girl said she was shivering with cold.
6. The boy said he wanted to sit in the armchair.
7. The secretary told me that the delegation had arrived in S.P. the day before.
8. She asked me to open the window.
9. He said he would light the fire and make himself breakfast.
10. The woman told her little daughter not to run to the door when she heard the bell.
11. She asked me how long I was going to stay there.
12. Mary asked me if I would spend my holdays in Moscow.