Ответы и объяснения


1. How often does your friend go to the museums?
2. What subjects does your sister like to study?
3. What do you want to be?
4. Where does your friend live?
5. How often do you go to the sportsground to play football?
6. Does your friend smoke?
7. How do your parents spend their free time?
8. Do you like to listen to the radio?
9. Does your mother like to cook?
10. When do your parents usually have breakfast?
11. What does your sister want to be?
12. How often do you clean the room?


1. Do you clean your teeth every morning?
2. Does your brother go to school?
3. How often do you go shopping?
4. Do you like to play snowballs in winter?
5. Who gets food for your dog?
6. Which of your family usually cleans the windows?
7. What songs do you like to sing?
8. Where do you usually read?
9. Does Paul eat sandwiches at lunchtime?
10. When does she usually has English lesson?
11. How often does his grandfather cut the grass in the garden?
12. Does Ted like to play rugby?