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I. I do not know. 2. Do they want. 3. She thinks, he drives. 4. He understands, he eats, he alwaysforgets. 5. Who is that man, who is standing, don't you recognize, it is. 6. I have, I am having. 7.Does your family leave, we always go, we all like, mother stays, father returns. 8. Where areTom and Nick, they are having. 9. What are you doing, we are listening. 10. Do you want, I do.II. Michael knows, he wants, he has. 12. Are you reading, it is, there are, are you, I am, I do notknow. 13. We are having. 14. He feels.15. I think, she doesn't feel. 16. Do you see, i mean. 17. Do you hear, she is saying. 18. He doesn't feel. 19. Ron is earning, they think, he is.
12 предложение там где "there are" там вроде there is?
а нет там множественное
спасибо большое
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