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Choose the correct answer.

1. Which is not correct? 'I met an old schoolmate ________ '.

a) the other day

b) three days ago

c) recently

d) sooner or later

2. Which answer is not correct? 'Every Sunday morning I ________
my friends on the beach'.

a) would meet

b) used to meet
d) was meeting

3. Which is not correct? 'It
always seemed to be sunny ________'.

a) in those days

b) back then

c) the other day

d) in the good old days

4. When we were young, our families ________ by the sea.

a) would live

b) used to live

c) was used to living

d) was living

5. I remember ________ it was the best place in the world!

a) to think

b) thought

c) thinking

d) think

6. One day we ________ in the sea when we saw a shark!

a) swam

b) were swimming

c) used to swim

d) swimmed

7. For the past year, I ________ a flat with other people and trying to
save money.

a) shared

b) have been sharing

c) had shared

d) am sharing

8. I ________ to Moscow in June 2012, two years ago.

a) moved

b) have moved

c) had moved

d) was moving

9. I'm not too keen on ________ the grammar!

a) learn

b) learnt

c) to learn

d) learning

10. My parents won't let me ________ out after 10 o'clock.

a) go b) going c) to go d) went


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