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Тема: История изобретения лампочки.



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Hard to imagine a modern man that just with a little light bulbs years ago in our life take its first steps .Believe that a simple light bulb invented not one, not two , or even three, and thirteen scientists, is difficult. But it's actually true. And the reason for that is simple : the fact that the first patented the incandescent lamp , and that lamp , which we use in our day , share exactly 100 years of continuous improvement , held a variety of inventors from around the world .
And each of them has contributed to the history of the invention simple household light bulbs. So to answer the question : Who invented the light bulb , alas , will not work .Starting the conversion of electrical energy into light on the experience of the scientist Vasily Petrov , the phenomenon of a voltaic arc in 1803godu . In 1810, the same discovery by English physicist Devi. Both of them got voltaic arc , using a large battery of elements between the ends of the rod of charcoal.In 1875 Pavel Yablochkov offered a reliable and simple solution for arc lamps . It is located parallel to the carbon electrodes , separated by an insulating layer . The invention was a huge success. In 1877, with their help was first arranged street electricity on Avenue de L `Opera in Paris.And so it lasted a long time. Different scholars have perfected the light bulb.The last stage was the use of light bulbs improvements noble inert gases (eg argon) to fill the cavity of the lamp. Thanks to this innovation , proposed by Irving Langmuir , modern light bulbs are not only bright, but also durable .