Ребят нужно рассказ о морскомРебят нужно рассказ о морском путешествии.(Выезд из Одессы Украина у черное море. Со словами journey, voyage, ship, wind, change, through, tired, miss, catch. Рассказ нужен на уровень 5 класса. Кто напишет спасибо.


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Human beings are very inquisitive different places. That is why people all over the world like to travel around the globe. It is not so interesting for them to see the world on TV today. It is precious to see it by their own. And when people come to beautiful beaches and sparkling blue waters, they understand it is really the amazing thing they wanted to see. There are countless adventures within reach on cruise vacation. There are many cruise companies in the world, and each of these companies can provide you a qualified service. During the cruise live in comfortable cabins. During sea days when a cruise liner is in the open sea, people can take sunbathes, swim in the swimming pools, play fools in the slide or promenade around the ship visiting different decks. You can rent a cabin for two, four