Помогите пожалуйста The weather in January: раскройте скобки
1.The temperature (to be) usually ten or fourteen below zero.
2.The snow often (to lie) thick upon the ground.
3.Everything around (to look) so beautiful covered with ice and snow.
4.There (not to be) any leaves in the trees.
5.Last week the deep snow (to cover) the ground. The cold wind (to begin) to blow. Snowflakes (to fall) think and fast. The sky (to be) overcast.
6. Today the sky (to be) clear. The sun (to shine) now. But it (to be) cold outside.


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1)is 2)lies 3)looks 4)are not 5)covered, begins, falls, is 6)is, is shining, is Но я не уверена по поводу двух последних.