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1) What comes to your mind when you hear "science" and "technology" ?

2) a) What area of science are you interested in? Why?

b) Are you interested in technological progress? Why?


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1 я не знаю)

2-Math, it teaches logical thinking(Математика, она учит логическому мышлению)

3-извини я и 3 не знаю) 

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When I hear "Science" I imagine labaratories,addicted to knowledge people who look like crazy but they are just curious about everything what happens around in nature,in the universe or anywhere else.Technology is word that reminds cyborgs and all inventions which were appeared last centure like iPhones computers and so on.This word appears with thought about cyborgs and then I realize its all real,needed and around me.

2.I am interested in humanities.I realize  the newest technical inventions are important,but our society develops too,and its important to see whats happen to people now,at this difficult time.

3.Yes I am.Post-industrial society has come technics, information and knowledge are very important,inventions wont disappear that easy but surely a lot of them will appear.I want to know more about technics and how to use it to simplify my life.